Holistic is a private provider of Primary and Secondary Health Care Services , which deals with the prevention, promotion and rehabilitation of health in people who are unable to look after themselves due to age, disability and chronic diseases . Our services are provided through the brand new and modernly equipped Model  Centre  for Care and Rehabilitation “metamorfosis” and the In Home Nursing Care.

Our services are addressed to people who need and wish to have individualized nursing care and support in our Center or in  their  own environment (home). Our services are provided by registered nurses with extensive experience in providing nursing care and supported, by a broad group of health professionals such as a Doctor, Physiotherapist, Speech therapist, Occupational Therapist and Psychologist.Our choice to cooperate only with reputable registered nurses and health professionals is a guarantee of quality and efficiency of our services .

Our ultimate goal is to provide high quality care by establishing a personalized environment based on the individuals needs. At the same time , an important element of  planned holistic care is the involvement of the person and his family at all stages of care , ensuring in this way every collective effort necessary to restore the patient to the greatest possible level of autonomy.