The physiotherapy is the science that deals with the physical rehabilitation of health, based on physical ways such is heat, cold, water electricity for therapeutic purposes. The goal of physiotherapy is to reduce pain , to correct and reduce deformity and increase the muscle volume.images (5)

Physiotherapy is based on scientific facts.

Physiotherapist assesses, supports, and restores natural possible operation and performance of the human body.

He deals with all the categories of patients such are neurological-respiratory-cardiovascular-musculoskeletal-pediatrician and elder people disabilies.

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In holistic we offer physiotherapy for bedridden people that they need physiotherapy and rehabilitation, people who have respiratory or cardiovascular problems, after surgery operations(arthroscopy, total knee replacement, total hip replacement, bones fracture).Also therapeutic massage for pain relief (trigger point). Electrotherapy, magnetic fields ,laser, ultrasounds,Tens  . Empowerment, Physiotherapy ,retraining.

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