The Holistic has a wide range of health services .Is addressed in adults, elderly, disabled and people that they need constant care or rehabilitation.The services ,the nursing care and accommodation offered in Exemplar Care and Rehabilitation Center , is for a few days to a few weeks , monthly or yearly.The prices start from 1000 euros per month .


Nursing home services and their duration is determined through evaluation of the individual’s needs,and distinguished by flexibility and adaptation covering from 1 to 24 hours . The cost is determined taking into account the uniqueness of each case , including the time and duration of the requested services.It start from  10 euros per visit up to 40 euro per hour .

Physiotherapy can be offered to our Center or to your home.It is provided by registered physiotherapist with all the equipment that is needed for your circumstance. Facing up residences  physiotherapy or to our Center for people after brain episodes,dementia,orthopedic surgery and people with movement problems  that would improve their quality of movements.Also chronic musculoskeletal pain can be treated through physiotherapy programs The cost is 15 up to 25euro per  physiotherapy conferencesto our Center, and 20-40 euro for visiting you to your place(depends on your location).


For information on our prices, do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or by sending your enquiries under the category Contact Us from the navigation menu.